Meet our summer intern!

Speilburg Literary Agency has been fortunate this summer to get a little help from local college student Mica Kole. Mica is finishing up her last semester at Michigan State University, where she’s studying the lofty arts of English and Creative Writing. When she’s not reading queries, Mica enjoys watching subtitled Japanese anime, dancing in front of a mirror, and sitting on her porch with Teleport, her whiny and beautiful cat. She’s been known to throw tantrums at the use of apostrophes in plural words, and her favorite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho.

Mica has proven her worth reading through queries and giving some excellent feedback to the agency on which authors might be a good fit for us. Along the way, she’s noticed some tragic flaws and brilliant techniques. She wanted a chance to talk to submitting authors and let them know what makes us cringe, and what makes our editorial hearts sing! I’ve given her an outlet here on our website, where she’s dishing out query advice in the Frustrated Intern Query SeriesCheck back later today if you’re wondering what you should put in that ominous subject line on your email submission.

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