Ladies and Gentlemen, the About Me presents….

Don’t worry—it’s almost over. All we have left is to wrap up this whole Query Letter thing—by ending with an About Me. An About Me is the closing statement of your Query Letter. It tells your credentials, how you developed an interest in this particular agent, and ends with your contact information. Remember, though, that by this point, the agent has already waded through the vitals of your Query Letter, and should be eager to get to your Writing Sample. So the About Me has to be quick and easy. It can’t be an attention hog.

If you didn’t already mention it at the beginning of your query letter, start with how you came across the agent: by recommendation, research, or by hearing them speak at a conference or workshop. If you have actually spoken to them, mention the time and place. Express a personal connection to the agent; a shared hometown, similar interests—something you found on their webpage, if nothing else. Tell them why you are writing them. Do this with only one sentence, if possible.

Then tell about yourself. Mention if you are a first-time novelist, if you have published anything, or if you—or the book you are offering—have won awards. You may also mention a small bit about your life. Keep this quick, too—two sentences tops.

Finally, express your hope that the agent will take interest, and sign off. Following your name, add in your e-mail and any other contact information you would like to give them. Add any relevant webpages, as well—reviews, cover art, etc.—and label these links.

Just remember, the About Me is the announcer at a stage show: the last thing the agent sees before she or he gets to the goods. So sweep a hand wide, and make short and sweet: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you….”

-Frustrated Intern

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