Client Books


Melissa Lenhardt’s HERESY, about a gang of female outlaws who make one last heist to protect their family and avoid the hangman’s noose, pitched as Thelma and Louise meets The Magnificent Seven. (Redhook, 2018)

Melissa Lenhardt’s BADLANDS, the third in the Laura Elliston trilogy. (Redhook, 2017)

Melissa Lenhardt’s BLOOD OATH, the second in the Laura Elliston trilogy, following Laura and Kindle on the run across the West, pursued by Pinkerton agents, bounty hunters, and bandits. (Redhook, 2017)

Melissa Lenhardt’s SAWBONES, the first in a historical trilogy, featuring a female surgeon from New York who flees out West after being falsely accused of murder, pitched as Outlander set in post-Civil-War era. (Redhook, 2016)


Melissa Lenhardt’s  THE FISHER KING, the second in the Jack McBride Mystery series after STILLWATER, in which a former FBI agent investigates a double-murder case that leads him to a drug ring and its leader—a man who controls a large portion of Stillwater’s business and people. (Skyhorse, 2016)

Melissa Lenhardt’s STILLWATER, the first novel in a mystery series, in which an FBI-profiler becomes a small town police chief and uncovers the town’s dirty secrets, with the help of a local bookshop owner. (Skyhorse, 2015)


Melissa Lenhardt’s LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS, about two women who were torn apart in their youth by prejudice and hate, and now two decades later, after life has taken them in very different directions, are given a second chance to find love when an unexpected tragedy brings them back together. (Graydon House, 2020)

Mariah Ankenman’s CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, in which a woman trying to keep her childhood home makes a deal with her best friend’s younger brother, where she gets a fake fiancé and he gets the money to invest in his dream restaurant, only to find that once love is in the mix, things get a little crazy. (Dreamspinner Press, 2019)

Evie Drae’s BEAUREGARD AND THE BEAST, pitched as a m/m Beauty and the Beast retelling, in which an MMA champion fighter on the brink of retirement connects with his true self when he finds love in the arms of his bookish personal assistant. (Dreamspinner Press, 2019)

Mariah Ankenman’s first book in the MILE HIGH HAPPINESS series, in which a wedding planner determined to be a single mom discovers she’s pregnant with her best friend’s baby at the IVF clinic. (Entangled, forthcoming)

Sonya Weiss’s THE KISS LIST, in which a woman whose last breakup went viral decides to pair up with her arch-nemesis and figure out which of her exes is her soulmate, only to find that there is a thin line between love and hate. (Entangled, forthcoming)


Megan Starks’s HOUSE OF ASH AND BRIMSTONE, in which an exiled-princess-turned-bounty-hunter rescues a minotaur, accidentally opens a hellmouth, and is terrorized by a ghoul out for her blood, all while arguing with her hot new coworker—who may or may not want her dead. (City Owl Press, 2019)


K.L. Walther’s IF WE WERE US, a debut contemporary following two best friends who everyone thinks are meant to be together, as they confront hard truths about their friendship, identities, and relationships when the girl falls for her friend’s brother and the boy develops feelings for the new boy at their prestigious boarding school. (Sourcebooks Fire, 2020)

Rachel Rust’s 8 SOULS, pitched as inspired by a true crime in Villisca, Iowa, in which a young girl who sees ghosts and a boy with secrets spend their summer solving a century-old murder and laying those souls to rest. (Entangled, 2019)

Jennifer Mason-Black’s debut DEVIL AND THE BLUEBIRD, in which a teenage girl meets a devil at her town crossroads and exchanges her voice for a pair of magical boots and six months to save her runaway sister’s soul. (Amulet, 2016)

A.M. Bostwick’s BREAK THE SPELL, pitched as a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, in which a girl cursed by a life-changing neurological disease and a boy running from drug charges are trapped together inside the old high school (Fiery Seas, 2015)


The Guardian and Mongabay journalist Jeremy Hance’s BAGGAGE, which follows the author to remote places across the globe as he reconciles his traveling career as an environmental journalist with his serious mental illness, and along the way explores our relationship to the wild, and why nature may be the answer to our mental health crisis. (HCI Books, 2020)

Jude Warne’s A HORSE WITH NO NAME: THE AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF AMERICA, THE BAND, examining the band’s career and musical catalogue, and including new and in-depth interviews with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, publishing to coincide with the band’s 50th anniversary. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020)

Psychotherapist Mark O’Connell’s THE PERFORMING ART OF THERAPY, a clinical guide for therapists on using acting techniques to improve their level of empathy and insight with their clients. (Routledge, 2019)

Cameron Ludwick and Blair Thomas Hess’s My Old Kentucky Road Trip series of mini travel guides, featuring themed road trips across Kentucky, exploring Civil War destinations, bourbon tours, and unique foods and festivals. (Indiana University Press, 2018)

Chicago Tribune journalist Josh Noel’s untitled book on the Goose Island Beer Company, following the brewery’s role as an early and inventive leader of craft beer, to its sale to Anheuser-Busch InBev and the industry changes spawned by that deal. (Chicago Review Press, 2018)

Music journalist Erin Osmon’s JASON MOLINA: Riding With the Ghost, an authorized account of the singer-songwriter behind the bands Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., with details of the early independent music scene and exclusive interviews with family, friends, and his recording studio woven throughout. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017)

Mark O’Connell’s MODERN BRIDES & MODERN GROOMS, a post-DOMA wedding planning guide for the non-traditional couple, whether same-sex, interfaith, interracial, binational, etc., on how to create a personalized wedding that recognizes and celebrates the couple’s mutual commitment (Skyhorse, 2014)