Are you accepting submissions right now?  
The agency is accepting unsolicited nonfiction proposals. If you’d like to submit a nonfiction project, please send your query and a proposal, which should include a detailed Table of Contents, an Author bio, and sample chapter(s).

We are accepting novels only from conference attendees and those writers who have received a personal request from the agency. Please follow the guidelines given to you at that time.

Do you accept submissions by snail mail?
No, please send your queries by email to speilburgliterary@gmail.com. It’s an awful lot of paper to be shipping around the country, don’t you think?

What should I include in the query letter?
The query letter should include a pitch for your book and a brief synopsis. It’s also an opportunity to show off your writing skills. The pitch can either be an excerpt that draws in the reader, or a pithy description of your book. Think about the descriptions on book jackets that you read when you’re looking for a book at a bookstore. Those couple paragraphs often determine whether you’ll buy the book, right? In the same way, your query letter will often determine whether an agent will consider representing you as an author. For more query tips, check out the Speilburg Literary intern’s series on writing queries: https://speilburgliterary.com/category/publishing/frustrated-intern/

How should I format the sample chapters?
Please include sample chapters within the body of the email.

I’ve self-published a book and would like an agent to find a traditional publisher for the same book. Can I send it to you?
Yes, but in the case of any previously self-published book, please include your sales information: x copies sold within x months/years.

I wrote a children’s picture book. Can I send it to you?
No. Although the agency represents middle-grade and young adult novels, we do not represent children’s picture books at this time.

My email was blocked. Did I do something wrong?
As long as you have included the word “Query” in the subject line, it should come through. If you’re still having trouble, please leave a comment on this page and someone will be in touch.

Is there a reading fee, or any other sort of fee?
No, Speilburg Literary adheres by the AAR Canon of Ethics and does not charge any reading fees. Please avoid submitting your work to any literary agent who charges a reading fee. Most literary agents work on commission, which means that they receive a percentage of the author’s royalties if they sell the book to a publisher. The industry standard is 15% for domestic book deals.

I sent you a submission, but I haven’t heard from you. Do you respond to all submissions?
We do try to respond to all submissions, but it may take a while. Please be patient. (The exception is if you sent your non-conference query when the agency was closed to queries, in which case you should resend it.)


6 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hello Alice,
    What does TOC stand for?
    “For non-fiction, please send a query letter plus a proposal (include a TOC, author bio, sample chapter).”

    Thank you,

  2. Hello Alice. I note you ask that the first three chapters of a novel submission be in the body of the email. Should the query letter also be in the body of the email, or should it be sent as an attachment? Thanks.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      I do respond to all query letters. Please keep in mind that my work for current clients is my first priority, and so it often takes a while for a response. Generally I strive to respond within six to eight weeks. If after that time period you haven’t heard from me, you may want to follow up to make sure your query was not lost. (Deanna, I do see your query in my reading folder, so you should hear from me soon.)

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