Please send all unsolicited submissions via e-mail to:

In the subject line of your query email, please include “Query [AGENT’S FIRST NAME]” followed by the title of your project.

For fiction, please send the query letter and the first three chapters.

For nonfiction, please send the query letter and a proposal, which should include a detailed Table of Contents and a sample chapter.

For more information on which literary agent might be best for your project, please review the Agents page. While all agents do accept submissions via email, we occasionally update our genre preferences or temporarily close to submissions, so it’s best to double check before you send. Once you submit to one of our agents, please wait for a response before sending to any other agents at Speilburg Literary Agency.

Please note that none of the agents at Speilburg Literary Agency represent picture books, poetry, or screenplays. Any submissions in these categories will be deleted.

Other inquiries? Please check the FAQs page, or fill out the form below. (If you submit your project via this form, it will be deleted. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES ABOVE.)


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    1. I do try to respond to all queries. If you sent your query sometime over the summer and haven’t heard back, please be patient and I should be in touch soon.

  1. Thanks for Frustrated Intern posts – they were helpful, funny and motivating – changing my dream scene right now! Oh yes, and that opening with dialog…

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